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eremophobic's Journal

A mollusc with good intentions
absurdity, analogies, answers, apathy, atheism, beaches, beating dead horses, beauty, being held, being loved, biting, black and white, black and white photographs, black ink, blankets, books, boots, candles, change, chapstick, chenille, chills, columbia park, communication, compassion, contemplation, cooking, cravings, cuddling, curiosity, cynicism, desire, details, diet coke, diet sprite, dorks, drawing on myself, dreams, driving, driving aimlessly, emotion, eyes, feeling, fire, flailing, freedom, glass, grey, healing, helplessness, honesty, hugs, humour, imperfection, ink, insomnia, instability, intelligence, intensity, intimacy, irony, jump off joe, kisses, knowledge, laughter, laziness, leather jackets, lightning, listening, lists, loneliness, love, lust, madness, memories, metaphors, mints, misanthropy, night, observation, open minds, pain, perception, perfection, pillows, pills, procrastination, questions, rain, randomness, ranting, reading, respect, restlessness, road trips, rubber duckies, sadness, sarcasm, scars, seattle, secular humanism, shadows, sharpies, shiny things, shivers, shrugging, sighing, silver, skin art, sleep, sleep deprivation, smiles, snuggling, social ineptitude, socks, soup, spoons, stability, starbucks, stargazing, stars, storms, stress, talking, tasteless humour, tears, trust, truth, unrealistic expectations, vanilla, walking, walking at night, walking barefoot, wandering, wandering aimlessly, watching, water, weirdness, wit, words, worry, wrists, writing, xkcd